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ABOUT US is a service porta, which supports the customers with the search for the suitable company, within the range removal, cleaning, paintwork, floor coverings, and evictions/disposals. We created this website for you to save money by comparing up to five quotes and otherwise saving you can save your time because you will receive your first quotes in no time. This gives you more time for your private or professional matters.

The idea of us is; those who move have to overcome some difficult hurdles. In addition to relocation preparation and transport, many also depend on cleaning after the move, others have to dispose of various pieces of furniture, the walls have to be repainted and possibly there are various damages on the floor which need to be repaired.

Taking overload into one’s own hands is increasing.

The question: Who offers the services? How do I find the optimal company? we answer with, so that you reach your goal faster.

Work smart, not hard.

The wishes you all the best for your future.

With kind regards.